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Live-edge Walnut

A few years ago, Darwin and I traveled out to LA. He went to see his family and as for me, well I just tagged along. While we were out there he made friends with a group of architects, Starr Design, who keep surfboards and wetsuits in their hallway. Darwin knew he had stumbled across a gold mine. We’ve kept in touch with them throughout the years and recently, after one of Darwin’s notorious mail-chimps went out, they responded with the need for a walnut counter-top.

Boy were they ever in luck. We had hit the jackpot this summer when it came to Walnut. We were quite literally up to our ears in slabs. They were air dried and then stuck in the kiln to, as the locals say “get some heat on them.” About the end of December, they came out and we were little kid excited to get them tallied, photographed and inventoried. Last number I remember was right around 80 slabs, give or take. 

The inventory was scoured to find the perfect slab to send out to California.  After a few e-mails back and forth, this one was decided upon.


Now it may look a little rough, and that’s because it is, but the transformation is quite amazing.

The never ending sanding began. First with some (read: A LOT) of full body momentum sanding. Gradually less oomph was needed in the sanding process and I found myself quite in sync with the orbital sander.


Things were beginning to take shape. After a little epoxy and some more sanding. We finally began the finishing. It took a few coats, fine it took 6, to get to this point, but it is beautiful and we can’t wait to get it shipped across the US.


rainy days.

when it rains, it pours around here. literally and figuratively. 

we jumped back into the business with full steam ahead at the beginning of the fall. we were worried that we wouldn’t have enough to balance out the lulls that often come with the lumber business. 

boy were we ever more wrong. 

thankfully we have been busy throughout. busy enough to be able to find a new shop in a great location with enough open space and indoor truck parking. since the beginning of the summer we had been running from two (three if you count darwin’s house) separate facilities when we needed to get an order done. 

those days required some serious planning, because if you forgot something you were flat out of luck and had to make do with you had or come up with an alternative and quickly. 

usually the list started off simply enough, but it would quickly digress into something that resembled this:

that photo is from an actual day in my world. so many arrows. 

today for instance it is actually raining. we can’t very well haul lumber in the rain. but with our new shop we have the ability to still get things accomplished. i am doing some strategic planning involving the if-then game. [hint: it never works out. ever]. my once empty calendar is now strewn with tentative penciled in dates as well as a few permanent ones. darwin is busy sanding and finishing some material for a job that in theory (if-then scenario) is going to ship out middle of next week. there are a lot of moving pieces on that one and at the current rate darwin and i are moving faster than said pieces. it’s becoming a problem. 

i will add that biting the proverbial bullet and deciding to get back into the game is proving to be the right decision. now if we could just get everyone else on our same wavelength.

until next time…

Anonymous asked: Kitchen Island counter-top : Hi, do you guys do countertops? I'm looking for one for my island about 6'3" x 4'. Ana (404 313 9597)


Thanks for the inquiry. We have built countertops in the past. It would be helpful to us if you have a picture of what you are looking for, or are you looking for a slab that meets those dimensions? Feel free to send us a more detailed e-mail: mswoodtrader @ gmail . com.



Anonymous asked: Where are you located? Are visits to your business arranged by appointment only?

We’re in Ellijay, GA, and yes, appointment only.  Please drop us an email if you’d like to visit to: mswoodtrader@gmail.com

Thank you!

Anonymous asked: Nice slabs. Sure to excite some lumber lust. I was at Exotic Lumber outside Annapolis last week. Felt like I was in a museum. Keep it up. Chip Billups

Thank you Chip!

If you’re ever in the area, drop us a line - I’d be happy to show you around. 

 - Darwin

Slabbing out the biggest Walnut tree Darwin has seen to date.

Milling out  Deodar Cedar slabs for Emory University.

Tree Karma

We’ve been busy around here gathering trees from assorted job sites and assuring each one that we know what we are doing when it comes to what we like to call tree-cycling.

Our first big tree-cycling project came back in 2010. We helped some wonderful homeowners reuse the trees from their lot throughout their house in the forms of a millwork package and a beautiful turned bowl. 

Last summer Emory University came along and we helped them make outdoor kiosks to use throughout the Briarcliff campus.

We also are in the process of building them a conference table for their students out of one of the trees that fell in front of the oldest dormitory on campus. This fall they have another project lined up for us and we can’t wait to get started.

Recently we were approached to help Georgia Power stay green and reuse some trees they had coming down. Darwin is in the process of milling those out today.

We love to see people thinking twice about sending trees into the chipper. We also are thrilled to be able to offer such a unique service and hope that the trend continues to grow. Everyone loves some free karma building right?

Walnut Wrangling

This past weekend Darwin had the opportunity to help take down a giant Walnut tree up in North Georgia.

After much coercing and house dodging the tree finally came down. Darwin says it’s the biggest Walnut he has gotten to date.

With that being said. Here is how big:

For sizing reference that log is on a 22’ flat bed trailer. It’s a monster of a tree.

After wrestling it to the ground and onto the trailer, Darwin then had to navigate the North Georgia mountains. No easy feat pulling that bad boy up and through Blood Mountain.

This coming up weekend Darwin is going to slab out the log. We cannot wait to see the figure that is inside. Check back later this week for Darwin’s take on tree wrangling that Walnut and early next week for pictures of the slabbing.